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What glass finishes are available to order?
MASTERPIX prints are available in two glass finishes: glossy or matte.  Glossy finish prints have a very shiny, reflective surface.  Colors are crisp and vibrant.  Matte finish prints have an anti-glare surface, which provides a softer, muted appearance.


What is color correction?
If you choose to have your photo color corrected, an experienced technician will view and adjust your file manually before printing for an additional cost of $2.99 per file.  This includes adjustments for lightness/darkness, color balance (red, green, blue), saturation and contrast.  Corrections will NOT be applied if not requested.






Color Corrected


How thick is the glass?
The standard Gorilla Glass thickness used for MASTERPIX prints is 1.1 mm.


How are MASTERPIX prints different from other glass prints?
MASTERPIX prints are printed on very thin glass, enabling the true colors of your photos to shine through.  The finished glass print is also incredibly durable since MASTERPIX features Gorilla Glass. Your prints are scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Gorilla Glass is chemically strengthened to resist damage and breakage, making it some of the toughest glass on earth - and the perfect material to preserve your memories for years to come. 

How should I display my MASTERPIX prints?
There are several ways you can display your MASTERPIX prints: in a stand, mounted on the wall, or in a standard picture frame.


Recommended Display Options

Below is a list of the recommended display options for each print size/orientation. If you have any additional questions, please email

*Please note: Velcro® stickers come free with every order. Metal brackets will come attached to your print when selected as a mounting option during the upload process. When ordering as a separate item, mounting brackets will not be adhered to any ordered prints.



Are there other display products available to purchase?

Yes, we have several new display options to choose from, including bamboo stands, wooden keepsake boxes, and metal brackets.  

  • Bamboo stands: available in four sizes (5”, 8”, 11”, and 16”)
  • Wooden keepsake boxes: available in small and large sizes.  The small box can hold approximately ten 5"x7” prints.  The large box can hold approximately ten prints of either 5"x7", 6"x6", or 8"x10" prints.  
  • Metal brackets: Easy to use and self-adhesive, just peel and stick the bracket to the back of your MASTERPIX print, then hang on the wall using standard hardware (ie: nail, hook, or picture-hanging kit).  
    • 3”x3” fits 5”x7”, 6”x6” prints
    • 5”x5” fits 8”x10”, 11”x14” prints
    • 8”x10” fits 16”x16” and 16”x24” portrait prints
    • 10”x8” fits 16”x24” landscape prints


    How do I mount my MASTERPIX prints on the wall?

    MASTERPIX prints are incredibly thin, lightweight, and easy to mount.  Removable wall mounting stickers are included with the purchase of larger MASTERPIX prints (11x14, 16x16, 16x24), or you can add a little depth to your wall mounted prints with our easy-to-use, self-adhesive metal brackets.  Other mounting options, such as edge grips, can be used at your sole discretion.     

    Can I put my MASTERPIX print in a standard picture frame?
    Yes, you can! MASTERPIX prints do not require a frame - they come out of the box ready to display on a wall, desk, mantle or bookshelf. But if you choose, you can frame your MASTERPIX prints as you would a normal photograph and create whatever aesthetic look you desire.

    How do I clean my MASTERPIX prints?
    We recommend using an anti-static cloth, the same cloth you use to clean your television screen or computer monitor.

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