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What is an e-Gift Card?
MASTERPIX e-Gift Cards work just like regular gift cards; however, when you purchase an e-Gift Card, you will receive an email with a digital gift card that has a unique code. You use this code to purchase your MASTERPIX prints.


Please note: MASTERPIX e-Gift Cards can only be used to purchase MASTERPIX products and no other products offered by Corning.


How do I apply an e-Gift Card to my order?
After you have selected, perfected and added your MASTERPIX prints to your cart,  you then proceed to checkout where you can apply your unique e-Gift Card code to your order.


Can I reload my e-Gift Card once I’ve used the balance?
No, you cannot reload (add more credit) to an e-Gift Card. Once you have used the balance on the card, the e-Gift Card is no longer valid. You can always purchase another one, though!


Can an e-Gift Card be used more than once?
Yes, but only if there is a remaining balance on the card.


How do I check my e-Gift Card balance?
Your balance will be displayed in the checkout after you have entered and applied your e-Gift Card to your order. You can also check the balance by clicking on the e-Gift Card link that you received via email. 


Does my e-Gift Card have an expiration date?
No, there is no expiration date for your e-Gift Card. There are also no dormancy, inactivity or service fees applied to our e-Gift Cards. 


Can more than one e-Gift Card be used toward a purchase?
Yes. You can apply multiple e-Gift Card codes to your order. 


Will my e-Gift Card cover shipping and taxes?
Yes, but only if the total of your order is less than the dollar amount of your e-Gift Card. The balance on your card is applied to the final order total, which includes shipping and taxes. 


When redeeming my e-Gift Card can I use a discount code, too?
Yes, you can use a discount code when redeeming your e-Gift Card.


Please note: e-Gift Cards can only be purchased at face value – discount codes cannot be applied to your order when purchasing an e-Gift Card.

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