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For optimal results, ensure that your image is the highest resolution possible.  We recommend 300ppi (pixels per inch); for example, a 5"x7” will print best at 1500x2100 pixels. However, most modern cameras will provide images that will print just fine.  We recommend you double check that your image is in focus and is cropped how you want it before uploading!   Please note: MASTERPIX can only accept .jpg, .png, or .gif files for upload. Also, scaling up your image in the editor may cause the image to lose print quality. 

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Creating the Best MasterPix

Looking for suggestions on how to optimize your photography for MASTERPIX?   Consider guidance provided by our expert renowned photographers.  Visit our Explore page to see brief tutorials on making quality MASTERPIX images.   To make the colors of your MASTERPIX print look very close to the image you see on your monitor, download a free digital version of the color calibration chart here, then purchase this inexpensive Color Calibration Test Print swatch here.  When your test print arrives in the mail, compare the physical print to the digital copy shown on your monitor, then make necessary adjustments to your monitor’s color settings.  For questions, please contact us at

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General Questions

What is MASTERPIX?   MASTERPIX prints your photos directly onto thin, durable, optically clear Corning® Gorilla® Glass using UV-cured inks so your photos remain vibrant with long-lasting color. The optical clarity of Gorilla Glass makes the image printed on the glass appear to be on the surface. MASTERPIX provides durable, aesthetically pleasing fine glass prints that are so lightweight you can easily display them in a table top stand, or hang them on the wall.     Find out more about Gorilla Glass - Gorilla Glass was originally introduced in 2007 to help protect consumer electronics from the scratches and bumps of everyday use and has been used in more than 4 billion devices by 40 major brands. The thin, lightweight, durable, and optically clear qualities that make Gorilla Glass so popular in consumer electronics continue to provide Corning with opportunities in adjacent markets, including interior architecture, rail, aviation and photography.   Where are you located? MASTERPIX is headquartered in Corning, NY.   How can I reach a MASTERPIX Customer Service representative? To reach customer service, please email and one of our representatives will contact you as quickly as possible during our normal business hours.

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